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Magnaflux EV6000 Comparison Video: Custom Optics 

This video shows how the EV6000 LED UV lamp’s overall composition is much lighter than the 3.7-pound fan-cooled mercury vapor black light. View the inside optics of the EV6000 black light and see it’s compact, ergonomic body fit for technicians on the job

Magnaflux EV6000 Comparison Video: Durability and Design 

This video shows the EV6000 LED UV lamp’s durable design, built for NDT testing in any environment. Watch the EV6000 black light being used in the magnetic particle inspection process and see it’s unique sealed housing to prevent overheating and shocks

Magnaflux EV6000 Comparison Video: Illumination Width 

This video shows how the EV6000 LED UV lamp’s 9-inch circular beam covers much more inspection area than the 4-7 inch beams of other handheld UV lights. Watch the EV6000 black light’s uniform beam next to another portable UV light and see it’s magnitude of size.

Magnaflux MD-2060 Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment for NDT Video

This video gives an overview of the features and benefits of Magnaflux's MD-Series multidirectional wet bench units for magnetic particle inspection. See Jan, the operator, demonstrate some of the key time-saving functions of the MD-2060 unit to illustrate how easy it is to program and control this nondestructive testing equipment. Watch the Auto-Bath feature cycle through as the equipment automatically clamps the part, bathes the part with magnetic particle bath, magnetizes the part, then unclamps the part. Next, the part is carried on the XG-Series conveyor into a separate inspection hood where Chris and Colin use EV6000 hand-held LED UV lamps to inspect the parts.


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