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Magnaflux respects your personal privacy and is committed to adhering to the applicable privacy and data protection laws and industry guidelines, including GDPR. This cookie notice ("Cookie Notice") and our Website Privacy Notice available at www.magnaflux.com/privacy-policy describe how we handle the personal information that you provide to us on this website ("Website"). This notice applies only to the Magnaflux website portfolio (including but are not limited to, www.magnaflux.com (and all sub-sites), www.eu.magnaflux.com, www.magnaflux.com.br, www.magnaflux.cn, www.mx.magnaflux.com & magnaflux.in) and not to any third-party sites that may be accessible from here.


To make this website simpler to use and navigate, we sometimes place a small data file on your computer or device. These are known as cookies. Most websites you visit will use cookies in order to improve your user experience by enabling that website to ‘remember’ you, either for the duration of your visit (using a ‘session cookie’) or for repeat visits (using a ‘persistent cookie’).

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, storing your preferences, and generally improving your experience of a website. Cookies make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier. If a website doesn’t use cookies, it will think you are a new visitor every time you move to a new page on the site – for example, when you enter your login details and move to another page it won’t recognize you and it won’t be able to keep you logged in.

They make your visit simpler by:

  • Remembering settings, so you don't have to re-enter them at every page you visit (such as placing items in an ecommerce shopping basket)
  • Remembering information you've given (such as a Zip code/Post Code) so you don't need to keep re-entering it
  • Measuring how you use our website so we can improve it to meet your needs

We use cookies to make the site work better for you and because they are essential to the usage of our website. You can manage and/or delete these small files as you wish. Learn more about cookies and how to manage them at AboutCookies.org.

If you prevent cookie usage on this website then please note that some parts may then be inaccessible or not function properly.

If you do not want any information collected, then you should choose not to use the Magnaflux web site.

How we use cookies

Our website may use cookies in several places - we’ve listed each of them below with more details about why we use them.

Measuring Website Usage (Google Analytics)

We use Google Analytics to collect information about how people use this site. We do this to make sure it is meeting its users’ needs and to understand how we could do it better. Google Analytics stores information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on.

The following cookies are set by Google Analytics:

Name Content Expires
_ga Used to distinguish users. Never
_gat Used to throttle requests 2 hours or when the browsing session ends
_gid Used to distinguish users When the browsing session ends
Collect Tracks the users device and behavior When the browsing session ends



For our websites that contain web forms or Pardot tracking, we collect information about the pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on. Pardot helps Magnaflux to deliver a seamless user experience for those customers and users that have created an account with us for receiving email communications.

The following cookies are set by Pardot:

Name Content Expires
visitor_id# Unique user ID 10 years
Visitor_id#-HASH Unique user ID 10 years
pi_opt_in Opt-in status 10 years
IPV Unique user ID When the browsing session ends
Pardot Logged into user information When the browsing session ends
dtCookie Unique user ID When the browsing session ends


Search Terms

For our websites that contain translation batch certificate searches, we set a cookie that stores the search term used.

Name Content Expires
searchTerm Stores search terms When the browsing session ends



We collect the browser location to localize content.

Name Content Expires
IpLookupDone Stores IP lookup status 1 year


Website Translation (Google Translate)

For our websites that contain translation features, we set a cookie that sets the language you are viewing the Magnaflux website in.

Name Content Expires
googtrans Stores translation preference When the browsing session ends
googtransopt Stores translation preference When the browsing session ends


Google AdSense Tracking

Name Content Expires
IDE - 6 months
DSID - When the browsing session ends
NID - 6 months


DoubleClick by Google

Name Content Expires
r/collect Collects data to measure efficiency of viewed or clicked ads and shows targeted ads When the browsing session ends



We use Twitter feeds to display Magnaflux news from our social media feed.

Name Content Expires
personilization_id - 6 months
tfw_exp - When the browsing session ends


System Related Cookies

Name Content Expires
ASP.NET_ - When the browsing session ends
PHPSESSID - When the browsing session ends
ASPXAUTH - When the browsing session ends
ConsentCookie User's cookie consent state 1 year
viewed_cookie_policy If you have viewed our cookie policy 1 year


For more information regarding how we collect, use and store data in line with GDPR, please visit the privacy notice here.


How you can contact Magnaflux

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this Privacy Notice or the information practices of this site, please contact us at:

Address: 155 Harlem Avenue, Glenview, IL 60025, USA

Contact Number: +1 847-657-5300

E-mail: privacy@magnaflux.com


Compliance and Cooperation with Regulatory Authorities

We review our privacy notice on a regular basis. Our procedures and practices are in line with the GDPR set by the EU, which will remain the case after the UK has left the EU. For more information, please contact privacy@magnaflux.com.


Changes to the Notice

Magnaflux reserves the right to update or modify this Cookie Notice, at any time and without prior notice, by posting the revised version of this Cookie Notice on our Magnaflux Website. If we modify this Privacy Notice, the modifications will only apply to personal information we collect after we have posted the revised Cookie Notice on the Website.


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