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For Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment

We offer a range of cables and connectors to allow you to outfit your magnetic bench or electromagnetic current generator to suit your specific parts and process. Whether you are testing a large investment casting or doing mag particle inspection in a difficult to reach location, these heavy-duty cables and connectors will help you set-up your Magnaflux machine just the way you need.

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Rubber-covered flexible cables are available in standard lengths of 15 ft / 4.57 m and 20 ft / 6.09 m with a choice of either end or lug connectors. Custom cables and replacement connectors are also available.


  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444


Part Numbers

626350-180: 15 ft / 4.57 m Lugs at both ends
626351-180: 15 ft / 4.57 m Lug and either end
626352-180: 15 ft / 4.57 m Either ends at both ends
626352-240: 20 ft / 6.09 m Either ends at both ends

Custom-length 4/0 Cable and 1000 MCM Cable are available


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Connectors for attaching 4/0 cables to Magnaflux magnetizing equipment, including wet benches, power packs, mobile units.

Part Numbers

1238: 4/0 Either end connector. Allows quick cable disconnect for maximum flexibility
1574: Either end lug adapter, changes lug terminals to either end terminals
626342: 4/0 Lug for permanent attachment to magnetizing equipment


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