Magnaflux Magnetic Particle 14A

Modular Magnetic Particle Inspection System

The Mag Kit is a sectional magnetic particle testing system for low volume non-destructive testers with the benefits of an operational magnetic wet bench but without the investment of a production-level mag bench.

Using a P-series portable power pack as a power supply, the Mag Kit is an economical, easy to operate alternative to more expensive, higher volume bench units when volume processing is not required. It provides the same level of inspection dependability in a lower volume, lower cost equipment package.

The Mag Kit includes a durable, stainless steel bench, headstock and tailstock and an 11 in / 28 cm solenoid coil, P-Series current generator need to be purchased separately.

Optional add-ons include a recirculating Mag Kit Spray System with 5 gal / 18.9 L capacity to apply magnetic particle bath pump and a Mag Kit Hood to enclose the Mag Kit bench for darkened fluorescent magnetic particle inspections.

Benefits & Features

  • Economical wet magnetic bench alternative
  • Great for low-volume processing
  • Easy to switch magnetizing current from head/tail to coil
  • Modular design for versatility
  • Uses a P-Series power pack as the power source
  • Detects flaws in any direction
  • Easy to operate
  • Optional recirculating Mag Kit Spray System to apply magnetic particle bath pump
  • Optional Mag Kit Hood for fluorescent magnetic particle inspections
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Part Numbers



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Use Recommendations

NDT Method: Magnetic Particle Testing

Required Equipment (only 1 P-Series needed):

  • P-70, 115 V                   PN 190575
  • P-70, 230 V                   PN 190575-01
  • P-1500, 230 V               PN 198500
  • P-1500, 460 V               PN 198500-01

Recommended Accessories:

  • Mag Kit Spray System, 115 V      PN 69390
  • Mag Kit Spray System, 230 V      PN 69395
  • Mag Kit Hood, 115 V                    PN 623830
  • EV6000                                        PN 625784


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