Shear Gel


Magnaflux Ultrasonic Couplant Shear Gel

Shear Wave Ultrasonic Couplant

Shear Gel is specially-formulated, shear-wave couplant to provide coupling for shear waves generated by normal incidence (zero degrees) shear wave transducers.


  • Extremely high viscosity to couple normal incidence shear waves
  • Water-washable for easy removal
  • Very good corrosion inhibition
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Container Size & Part Number

4 fl oz / 118 mL tube      54-T04


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Defect location: subsurface

Ideal for:

  • Shear wave testing
  • Angle beam inspection
  • Weld inspection


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Use Recommendations

NDT Method: Ultrasonic Testing

Required Equipment: UT equipment, transducer

Temperature Range: 40 to 90°F / 4 to 32°C

Compatibility: Most composites and metals


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