For Magnetic Particle Inspection

This line of mag particle testing meters will help you check and measure the performance of your magnetic bench, electromagnetic current generator or other magnetizing equipment as part of your regular system performance checks.

Find out more about each of our mag particle testing meters by clicking on the tabs below, or contact us for help choosing the right field indicator for your application.


Magnetic Field Strength Meter

The FSM-2 is used for tangential measuring of the magnetic field strength in DC and AC fields. A tangential field probe is attached to the workpiece's surface during magnetization, and the hall sensor measures the voltage change produced by the magnetic field. This meter measures the true RMS of asymmetric magnetic fields. The FSM-2 is sold as a kit and includes the FSM-2 reference block, part number 133042.

Note: Digital Hall Effect Gaussmeter Part Number: 622604 has been discontinued and replaced by FSM-2

Benefits & Features

  • Equipped with a RS 232 interface and background display lighting.
  • With closed cover, the housing meets protection class IP65.
  • Supplied with a mains adapter and a tangential field probe.

QB2- Plus 

Quick Break Tester

The QB2-Plus provides a quantitative verification of Quick Break function and measures the duration of the magnetizing shot.  The QB2-Plus can verify the correct function of AC, HWDC, and FWDC equipment, and verify Quick Break function on 3-phase FWDC units.  Shot time and Quick Break voltage are alternately shown on the LCD display after each reading.

Note: QB1 Part Number: 625972 and QB-2 Part Number: 622646 have been discontinued and replaced by QB-2 Plus

Benefits & Features

  • Simultaneous measurement of Shot Time and Quick Break
  • Can be used with coils and cable wraps over 25 in (64 cm) diameter
  • Quantitative results provide true verification of equipment
  • Specifications - ASTM E709, ASTM E1444, ISO 9934, ASTM E3024

Ammeter Shunt Kit

The Ammeter Shunt Kit is used to verify magnetizing current output of magnetic particle inspection equipment up to 10,000 amps on half-wave DC, 1-phase full-wave DC and 3-phase full-wave DC output, and up to 6,000 amps on AC current output.

Use the calibrated Ammeter Shunt Kit as part of regular system performance checks to ensure equipment accuracy and repeatability for the most consistent mag particle inspections in compliance with ASTM E709, ASTM E1444 and ASME BPVC. When the calibrated shunt is connected to the mag particle equipment output, either contact or coil, the digital ammeter provides a traceable reference standard for calibration and verification of the magnetizing equipment.

The Ammeter Shunt Kit is specifically designed to accurately measure magnetizing current generated by Magnaflux magnetizing equipment. Equipment from other manufacturers may use different current control techniques, so the Digital Ammeter & Shunt may not give accurate readings for non-Magnaflux equipment.

Benefits & Features

  • Measures AC current up to 6,000 amps
  • Measures HWDC, 1-Phase FWDC and 3-Phase FWDC up to 10,000 amps[GE2] 
  • Includes calibrated shunt and interconnect cable
  • Accuracy DC +/-2% or 30 A, AC +/-3% or 30 A
  • Portable storage case
  • Specifications: ASME BPVC, ASTM E709, ASTM E1444, ASTM E3024, ISO 9934, NADCAP AC7114/2

Ordering Information

FSM-2 Meter and Reference Block Kit133034

QB-2 Plus628989

Ammeter Shunt Kit622350

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Visible Magnetic Particle Testing

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