How to Do Visible Dye Penetrant Testing

In this article, we demonstrate how to do dye penetrant inspection using Magnaflux visible penetrant.

January 9, 2018



This video demonstrates how to do dye penetrant inspection using color-contrast penetrant in visible light.


1. Prepare

Clean the part by spraying SKC-S onto the surface.  Next, wipe the part dry with a clean cloth.

2. Penetrant 

Apply the penetrant to the test area. Allow the penetrant to dwell for 10-30 minutes. Then, remove the excess penetrant by wiping the part down using a clean dry cloth.

3. Developer

Apply the developer to the test area. Allow the developer to dwell for 10-60 minutes.

4. Inspect 

Examine the part for any bright, clear indications.


Learn some handy tips for beginners who are new to visible dye penetrant testing or NDT pros who want an easy reference guide here.

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