Liquid Penetrant Testing

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Fluorescent penetrants, visible / color-contrast dye penetrants, developers, emulsifiers and removers

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Liquid Penetrant Equipment


Penetrant testing equipment systems for water washable Method A and post emulsifiable Method B/D inspections

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Liquid Penetrant Accessories


Penetrant testing applications, test pieces and UV lamps for LPI inspection

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Liquid Penetrant Testing Testing Services

Test Services

For in-use penetrant, emulsifiers and developers to ensure compliance to ASMT E1417 and AMS 2644

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Enhance your penetrant inspections with Magnaflux’s full range of penetrant testing products for fluorescent or dye penetrant testing to find cracks, laps, seams, cold shuts, delamination, porosity and other types of defects.

Learn more about why Magnaflux customers trust our liquid penetrant inspection solutions to provide superior results in detecting fine defects and cracks in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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AMS 2644 Penetrant Sensitivity Levels

A Guide to AMS 2644 Penetrant Sensitivity Levels

Understand fluorescent liquid penetrant sensitivity levels and how to find the right one for your application


Penetrant Testing Demo

Video: How to Do Liquid Penetrant Testing with Fluorescent Penetrant

Watch a demonstration of the penetrant inspection method according to ASTM E1417, including basic steps for NDT with an AMS 2644 Type 1 penetrant.



Leak Detection with Penetrant Testing Process

Read more about using penetrant testing products to inspect for leaks by using fluorescent or visible/colored penetrant to enhance visual detection of leaks.


In Use Penetrant

How to Maintain Penetrant Testing System Performance

Learn how liquid penetrant testing consumable products get contaminated over time and what you can do to ensure your penetrant system performance.


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