4 Reasons to Upgrade Your MPI Wet Bench

To get a new wet bench or maintain the one you have? That is the debate. Learn the four most significant differences between Magnaflux wet benches developed in the 2000s. 


1. Increased accuracy in magnetizing amperage  

As machines age and the contactors heat up, the magnetizing amperage degrades, becoming more unreliable and inconsistent. These unpredictable electronics have been discontinued at Magnaflux and are no longer serviceable.  

The latest Magnaflux MPI wet benches now include Allen-Bradley PLC-controlled interface and TrueAmps technology, allowing the customer to dial in the exact amperage they need to test the part properly. Magnaflux developed TrueAmps through customer feedback to quickly set up various parts when simply typing in the amperage. In contrast, before, technicians would have to test the mag shot multiple times before testing the part to confirm they had the correct range of amperage. Accuracy in amperage can reduce the risk of damage to a part, such as arching or increasing part temperature. 

If complying with NADCAP or ASTM E-1444-21, the first mag shot will create a baseline and must be within +/- 10% or 50 amps repeatability. 

In this article, we review the Nadcap requirements for proper magnetization and the importance of documentation for auditors 


2. Increase reliability with an updated interface 

Old machines only had buttons, ammeters, and dials. Machines produced today are digitally Allen-Bradley PLC-controlled to reduce guesswork and ease-of-use touch screen.  


3. Service Center Assistance 

A global service center network is available for maintenance, calibrations, repairs, and education for every purchased piece of MPI equipment.  

Magnaflux no longer supports equipment (made before 2000) due to the unavailability of service parts. The likelihood of a component failure within older equipment may render the machine unusable, resulting in production downtime.  

Explaining the who, what, when, where, why, and how of Authorized Service Centers, and why they are best for NDT maintenance and repairs 


4. Database Option Available 

MPI equipment now offers a database system option to improve NDT process control and efficiency by providing traceability, 1,000 programmable techniques, and an integrated barcode scanner. Operators must review the concentration, light meter readings, and daily checks recorded in the database for their records. Previously shipped machines cannot be retrofitted with this option. 

Learn how this process-control and efficiency upgrade for magnetic particle testing helps NDT pros improve quality with less time 



Magnaflux has worked with multiple Level 3’s going through NADCAP audits and has successfully resolved any NADCAP auditor questions or concerns.  

Published April 26, 2022

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